The amazing gneuine goodness of our products

“The agricolture shows what we need more and what we need less. We can have a rational and ethical life. We need to touch the ground!”

Lev Tolstoj

The culture of healthy food

We cultivate healthy and genuine gifts which or land offers

Our love for agriculture

Our history is the history of a family passionating with the land

The respect for land

We teach our children the repect for Nature and the goodness of its fruits

Welcome to our Farm

We are Daniela and Daniele. We grew up in a farm, in the middle of the country-side, with our grandparents teaching us the respect for the nature and the agriculture with techniques of an ancient heritage. We grew up wit the taste and the flavor of olive oil, wine, tomatoes and all the other gifts of the land, surrounded by the stunning shapes, colors, tastes. We aim at passing this heritage on next generations.

Our products

The Fattoria Spoletina e-shop is a true triumph of taste! Ancient flavors, ancient heritage, creativity, sustainability, respect for Nature and its times, naturalness, authenticity, nutritional and energetic value: these are the pillars of what we do for our family and for our community. Our consumer friends live a unique experience while eating made of taste, flavor, smiles and panache. Try our products now and use them in some recipes we offer you!


Very high quality and always fresh products, with convenient prices! Congrats!
Antonio Sbicca
If you want to eat healthy and tasty, this is the right place! Whatever I bought has been always excellent and tasty! Daniele is very good in gibing tips! Taste and quality!
Claudia Galluccio
Buy all their products! They are simply excellent!
Maria Marcaione
Whatever you want! From the products from the vegetables garden to the tomatoes sauces and the Senatore Cappelli flour that is excellent for pizza and cakes!
Laura Spitella