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About us

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Our Vision

We aim at spreading the culture of the land and at re-educating the community to a healthy lifestyle, basically based on a correct, healthy and energetic diet with genuine totally seasonable products. With all the respect for nature and the sustainability of the environment.

Our Mission

Taking care of our land and cultivating products of intense authenticity and goodness means improving health, strengthening us with healthier and energetic products, as well as giving a contribution to the local economic system. At the Fattoria Spoletina, we educate our children and the future generations to the respect for nature and its ancient traditions, together to the vital importance of a sustainable environment. We teach them that our story is the story of a family full of love and respect for the land. Our products offer a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, cereals and whole meal bread, legumes, extra virgin olive oil, natural and unrefined sugars. We strongly believe in seasonal products and we happily give up to all non-seasonal crops: we choose to nourish ourselves exclusively through what land is ready to give us at right time.

Our values

The culture of the agriculture

Passion and love for the land to cultuvate the fruits according to the season and without any kind of chemical elements. The aim is to enjoy the full taste of our handmade products.

The culture of the land

We have to respect the land, in particular the seeds selection in order to preserve the healthy context and to find the varieties able to adapt to the environment they live in. The microbiological qualities and the health of the crops are the same as those ones of the land.

The culture of the taste

We grew up with the taste of oil, wine, tomato and all the gifts of our land. We enjoy its fruits and try to spread their nutritional and energetic properties to the community. We also mix them and get tasty handmade products. We celebrate the authentic Mediterranean Diet and follow a heritage we pass on from generation to generation.

Sustainable development

The Mediterranean Diet helps to preserve the environment: i.e., 25% saving water compared to any other diet (CREA study), with a reduction in consumption of as much as 1,104 liters per capita. That really makes the difference in terms of environmental protection. Furthermore, we only practice manual tillage of the land in order to drastically reduce gas emissions due to machinery. By choice we only use natural fertilizers from our animals which feed by products we grow.